Company Profile


Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech) is fast emerging as a Network Engineering and Technology market leader. It is one of the largest Telecom service provider in Bangladesh. Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech) offers integrated, end-to-end, future-ready telecommunication solutions that leading carriers and service providers rely on for delivering revenue-generating services. Constech has earned a reputation for rendering uncompromising quality, flexible and On Time-On Budget solutions. Known for its ability to translate client needs into scalable, flexible, cost-effective solutions, Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech) helps companies increase the value of their network infrastructure and reduce operating expenses.

From basic network infrastructure services to planning, coordinating and implementing complex network integration projects, Constech experience, professionalism, and efficiency, allows for unparalleled performance. With a unique team of industry leading talent, we have built and implemented a menu driven service model that allows our clients the maximum amount of flexibility when addressing their networking needs.

To establish a potential Installation and Service Team, Constech enjoys the support of a wide range of satisfied clients like Teletalk, Grameen Phone, Robi, Airtel, BanglaLink, Siemens, Huawai, Motorola, Alcatel etc. We have also supplied BTS installation materials to operators and Supply & Installed 10-50m Tower for mountain GSM antennas and Microwave antennas at our valued client.

We aim at exceeding the client’s expectations by constant interaction with them and our employees.

In our endeavor to reach this goal successfully, we meticulously follow the following points:-

   * Exceed expectations by supplying the finest resources available.

   * Distinguish ourselves by unrivaled quality of service & customer satisfaction.

   * Maintaining a long term relationship with clients.

   * Conducting our business honestly, ethically and with the highest degree of professionalism.

   * To look at all emerging opportunities with enthusiasm and positive attitude.

   * We share a common goal to satisfy our clients and we reach that goal by working as a cohesive team towards our clients best interests.

   * We encourage innovation and the desire to adopt better ways of working that will benefit the customer, our company and our growth.

   * We live and work with a sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to the motivations for all our actions.

   * We recognize value in adopting attitudes, and changing processes to cope with unexpected events.

   * We focus our efforts on adding value to our business for the benefit of all our clients.


Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech) has helped develop the telecommunications infrastructure and networks of wireless carriers, utilities and enterprises for most of the major telecom companies in Bangladesh using its competency in design and consulting, installation and commissioning with operations & maintenance.

Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech)   has built up a Tower Manufacturing Factory with galvanizing facility. Most of our supplied towers are fabricated in Bangladesh. We have also Batterry & Rectifier testing lab locate in Dhaka.


Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech)   has sufficient number of professional and technical personnel other than administrative and supporting staff. The technical manpower includes senior experiences Engineers, Construction/installation  Supervisors and Technicians. Administrative and support staffs are to feed the Project anagers for smooth execution of works.


Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech) maintains a roll of highly experience professionals specialized in diverse discipline and can offer the best team every time. We have more than 200 employees.

For over 12 years Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech) has been deeply involved in telecommunication infrastructure in a wide range of Districts. In the beginning, our services primarily included planning, detailed analysis and design, tender evaluation, inspection during fabrication, supervision of installation and erection, construction management, maintenance and inspection of the finished structures.

Throughout the last two decades we have, with great success, designed a series of towers for mobile networks in many different Districts. These towers are optimised specifically for the individual country and their actual use. Recently, on request from our clients, we expanded our services to include the supply of masts, towers andmonopoles.

Masts and towers can be delivered as standard structures as well as being tailor-made to your requirements. Tailor-made towers are most cost effective when a large number of towers are needed or the loading of the structure is severe. Standard towers are ideal when only a few towers are required.

Often the establishment of a new national network or extensions of existing networks for mobile communications must run to a strict deadline. Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech)   has extensive experience in creating efficient project organisation for the rollout of cellular networks within a narrow time frame. Furthermore, we offer a series of project management services to our clients, supporting and strengthening the implementation, supervision and control of the entire project through all stages.

Localisation is an important issue to Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech). For many years Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech) has been successfully involved in site acquisition for a large number of different mobile network operators. Beginning with the site acquisition we are often automatically involved in the next step concerning building permits and site design. As for the site acquisition it is important to understand the local conditions and traditions.

The site design must take into account national standards, codes of practice, skills of local subcontractors and availability of products on the local market to ensure that sites are designed and built in the most suitable way.

Concrete & Steel Technologies Ltd (Constech)   also offers customers turnkey solutions. Our turnkey solutions are based on our experience within project management, site acquisition, civil works and telecom installation acquired over the last 12 years through the rollout of thousands of sites